Using classroom management software to support Ofsted best practice

Classroom management software is constantly developing. This blog seeks to highlight the 6 key ways in which your school should be using this software to support and optimise delivery of Assessment for Learning (AFL) in the classroom:


1. Create clearly visible lesson objectives, success criteria and expected outcomes accessible throughout the lesson.
Your Student Toolbar will provide instant access to lesson objectives and outcomes provided by the teacher in addition to rewards and detailed lesson progress and feedback.

2. Deliver Assessment for Learning through a variety of methods including teacher, student and peer assessment.
Some classroom management software will provide Question and Answer Module allowing a range of question types to be delivered in a “game show” style. Focused on the AFL concepts of Pose, Pause, Pounce and Bounce, the module allows basketball questioning and peer assessment as well as the flexibility for the teacher to differentiate questions to reflect student ability

3. Deliver AFL within an audio-based language lab or learning environment.
Audio mode will allow a teacher to see when a student is talking and instantly listen in on language lab scenarios to assess and record pronunciation and good practice.

4. Provide a digital record and summary of learning objectives for the current unit of work. Highlight where the learning can be extended and encourage student reflection.
Ensure your classroom management software can provide a digital journal for both students and teacher. The journal should provide a record of all content, activities, unique notes for each student and learning resources that can be used for post-lesson reflection. The teacher copy can be used to support the current scheme of work and be provided to absent students.

5. Encourage requests for assistance, collaboration and engagement within the classroom.
This allows for less confident students to request assistance without drawing attention to themselves; encourages collaboration with group chat and whiteboard features and develops G&T opportunities with Group Leader feature.

6. Provide a safe and controlled learning environment
Monitor and control internet and application use, track and record keyboard activity, and both monitor and control the use of Instant Messenger within the classroom to avoid unwanted collaboration or bullying.

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