Microsoft have announced that support and updates for Windows 7 will be terminating on January 14th 2020. If you are yet to make the switch, here’s why you should and everything else you may need to know…



The support you currently receive for Windows 7 will end on January 14th 2020, along with security updates currently performed by Microsoft, this makes any machines left on Windows a prime target for hackers and cyber-criminologists looking to cause trouble. Furthermore, Windows 10 provides a specialised feature to combat ransomware, one of the leading forms of cybercrime. Updating to Windows 10 will ensure continued Microsoft support with patching and security updates.

The Windows Defender Security Centre tool specifically targets Ransomware by locking up your work and personal documents meaning that you pick and choose who and what (apps) have access to your specific files. On top of this, the Windows Defender Exploit Guard scans for, neutralises and removes malware.

Whilst security is one of the main reasons as to why to move to Windows 10, it is not the only one. Windows 10 will include specific features that will improve your efficiency. These practical features include the ability to add your frequently contacted individuals on the taskbar to allow for quick contact.

Faster update times will also improve productivity. The Unified Update Platform (UUP) identifies only what your computer needs and downloads specific updates, meaning larger updates will be a thing of the past. Microsoft believe that with UUP, the size of these updates can be lowered by up to 35%.

What does a move to Windows 10 look like?

Schools are taking this opportunity to update their machines, as a more cost effective option overall vs upgrade when considering total life span.

The opportunity to upgrade your existing machine to Windows 10 is possible, however, not entirely recommended. Considering that most PC’s that are currently running Windows 7 should be around seven to ten years old and ready to replace, it’s not ideal to move to Windows 10 with your existing machine.  These older machines will have significantly lowered performance standards in comparison to newer machines.

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Can I still use Windows 7?

Yes, you can continue to use Windows 7 but this is not recommended in light of the possible security risks that you can face., you will be running on an operating system that is not protected.  Windows 7 itself will still be operating just as it does now but with time, it will become harder to use. Many developers are also likely to stop supporting their applications for Windows 7.

Next Steps:

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