Ormiston Primary School

“We have much more flexibility to adapt to learners and their needs—or allow pupils to choose tools for themselves. That’s very empowering for children.” - Kirsty Dunn, Class Teacher, Ormiston Primary School. Read more...


Paganel Primary School

“I was teaching a lesson where students were using Chromebooks and had to concentrate on one particular student at my desk. While I was doing that, I was able to respond to questions from other pupils through Google Talk. This meant I could give in-depth support to one particular pupil, yet still make sure the others progressed. The Ofsted inspector saw it as an outstanding use of technology.” - Steve Philip, Deputy Head Teacher, Paganel Primary School. Read more...


Tring School

“We’re able to better monitor and differentiate students, then direct them to specific resources that they need. It’s putting better tools in the hands of already skilled practitioners.” - Chris Lickfold, Director of Learning, Tring School. Read more...


Churston Ferrers Grammar School

“The great thing about Chromebooks is that they just work. We took them out of the box and gave them straight to the students as there is no set-up work to be done. Ideally we would like to replace all our netbooks with Chromebooks as soon as possible.” - Ben Forte, IT Network Manager, Churston. Read more...


David Ross Education Trust

“The ‘aha’ moment for us was when we held our first IT training session for teachers. Three brave 11-year-old students volunteered to conduct the training, and we were all moved by their level of confidence and authority when talking about technology. They had thought of new ways to use Apps that we’d never thought of before!” - Guy Shearer, Head of IT at DRET. Read more...


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