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What is Google for Education?

Google for Education, is a service provided by Google with customisable tools built for the education sector. Including 'shareable devices and collaborative tools built for teachers and students' that allows you to 'spark learning from anywhere, at anytime, on any budget.'

At the heart of Google for Education sits the simplicity factor. Many would agree that their existing ICT infrastructure is a tad confusing when factoring in security, collaboration and ease of use amongst many things. Google facilitates the job for teachers when managing their classroom, ensuring the student learning experience is maximised.

On top of this, education budgets are always a tricky obstacle, with many admitting they are unsure they are getting the most out of their allocated budget. Google has taken this into account to provide a truly accessible solution for any school whilst maintaining an extremely high standard of learning.

“Historically, we bought iPads, but we can buy so many more Chromebooks than iPads, and do so much more as a result.”

Ben Forte, Director of the Learning Commons, Devonport Boys High School, England.

Every school, every classroom and every student is unique. To find a tailored solution that meets the needs of every individual student can be challenging. Teachers are encouraged to use Google to develop collaboration, communication and the creativity of each student. With this in mind, teachers can do this anytime and anywhere.

The ultimate goal of your school would consist of improving the learning outcomes of your students. An improved solution would enable teachers to focus on teaching and not dealing with faulty equipment. When teachers can incorporate personalised, collaborative and engaging learning, students will truly benefit and get the most out of an enjoyable education experience.

What’s included?


G Suite for Education + Google Classroom + Chromebooks = Google for Education


Google Classroom within G Suite for Education

G Suite section

Make teaching more productive and meaningful. Streamline assignments, encourage collaboration inside and outside the classroom with seamless communication.

FREE for all schools. Take care of all your educational needs:

Easy Collaboration – Multiple users can edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time. Designed hand-in-hand with teachers, for teachers.

Task Management – Create to-do lists, reminders and schedule meetings.

Versatile Communication – Emails, chat and video conference capabilities.

Easy Management - Create your class, distribute assignments, produce classroom quizzes and send feedback to students, all in one place. You can easily manage homework sent and communicate with students on an individual basis.

Confident Administration – Add students, manage devices and configure security settings to ensure data is protected.


Chromebook section

Devices made for the classroom. Shareable devices designed for learning.

  • Lightweight & durable
  • Rapid boot up & long lasting battery that lasts the whole day
  • Simple, affordable, secure and shareable.

What’s included in a Chrome Education License?

  • Lock devices – so they can only use be used on your domain
  • Enforce user settings
  • Set security policies – with e-safety ever growing in importance, keep your students safe.
  • Administer tasks at scale


Find out more and get a free demonstration and trial at our Introduction to Google Seminar Event coming up early March. Get in touch with team to find out more.

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