The safeguarding of pupils, staff and data will always be a priority for schools, however keeping pace with new and ever-changing technologies, can be daunting, so let us help and give you total peace of mind.

As an internet supplier to Schools, a Crown Commercial Services supplier and a CyberEssentials & IASME certification body, Sweethaven keep up-to-date with the latest technology and threats through our industry associations, information-sharing frameworks and our close contact with the many schools that we work with. In doing so, we provide up-to-date advice and warnings (alongside advice from CEOP and others) to school communities to ensure that everybody stays protected.

Sweethaven are accredited and have been externally audited to the CyberEssentials and IASME Gold standards. Our entire staff are trained in information security and receive regular updates. Sweethaven can also offer an external Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a service to ensure schools meet their regulatory requirements.

Our e-safety solutions keep you in control, whether its blocking inappropriate content or alerting you if one of your pupils has viewed something that might be upsetting, worrying or harmful. We can provide comprehensive e-safety for your school, supporting you in your legal duty of care and allowing you to meet OFSTED’s recommendations.

E-safety isn’t just about what happens at school. Our e-safety package also engages and educates parents so that they can reinforce the safety message at home, we offer all of our managed schools a free of charge half-day training session each year for their community (staff, pupils, parents, or all of them) to provide practical up-to-date training on how to ensure they stay protected in the internet age.


How can we help?

Book your free ICT Health Check or Strategic Consultancy Hour

Do you have a clear ICT Vision & Strategy? Is your IT network healthy? Is it costing you more than it should? Are there obvious cost savings you can make whilst improving the level of ICT provision in your school?

We would love to come and meet with you and carry out our free school ICT health check or Strategic Vision & Strategy Workshop.

Strategic Consultancy Hour

During this 60min workshop we will work with you to identify your overarching goals and priorities, get our crystal ball out to explore new and emerging technologies and make a set of informed  recommendations on how we think ICT can best support you in achieving your strategic goals.

When we are finished we will produce an easy to understand 2 page Vision & Strategy document that you can use to guide your decision making going forward.

ICT Health Check

During our visit, we will look at how to solve your most frustrating IT challenges and check everything is safe and secure.

We can nearly always find cost savings and so once we understand your education goals and priorities we can put together an easy step by step plan for improvements to reduce your costs and increase the impact ICT can make in your school.

Our Health Check report is yours to keep whatever you decide to do.


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