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“We’re able to better monitor and differentiate students, then direct them to specific resources that they need. It’s putting better tools in the hands of already skilled practitioners.”

Chris Lickfold, Director of Learning, Tring School in Hertfordshire, England

Google for Education facilitates and facilitates day to day activities for teachers to help them focus on teaching, ultimately improving learning outcomes for students. This service provided by Google focuses on four key aspects;

  • The easiness for both students and teachers
  • How affordable and cost effective it is
  • Its incomparable versatility
  • The significant impact it has on students

Why intro

Easy intro

“Simple for teachers and students”

Everything gets easier Chromebooks makes the lives of students and teacher at Wheatley Park dramatically easier in many small but meaningful ways, from sharing files to recording video to saving all work to Google Classroom. Science teacher Mrs. Clifton Rabone explains that “all of those incremental gains make a huge huge difference to my experience as a teacher.” Wheatley Park School, England

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Chromebooks automatically manage their updates to ensure software is always updated. Sandboxing is used to prevent dangers from harmful websites. Chromebooks perform self-checks to repair any potential system corruptions. Data stored on chromebooks is encrypted specific to each individual user.

G Suite allows teachers to manage their classroom and students to keep track of their work in an easy manner.

Save time and stay connected.

  • Simple setup for IT admins at any scale
  • Tools infinitely across classrooms
  • Updates are automatic and invisible to the user

Affordable intro

“Infinitely shareable and truly accessible”

“In 2011, with ailing email servers and desktops putting more obstacles than opportunity in the way of students and staff, Devonport School felt it could do better. The leadership team set about on an ambitious plan. After an initial implementation of G Suite for Education, the school introduced around 600 Google Chromebooks, putting more technology than ever before into the hands of students and teachers. The choice was a conscious one, involving the school’s Pupil Premium funding to buy these Chromebooks for any students who couldn’t afford them. “Historically, we bought iPads, but we can buy so many more Chromebooks than iPads, and do so much more as a result”

Ben Forte, Director of the Learning Commons at Devonport School.

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Did you know?

Affordable infographic

Do more with your savings. Transform learning within your existing budget:

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Versatile intro

“Meets the needs of EVERY classroom”

“After considering a number of options for improving its email, Churston chose the online collaboration and communications suite G Suite for Education, which includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Sites. Since switching to G Suite, email has become a key method of communication between staff, students and parents and the G Suite is extensively used for collaboration in and out of the classroom. Following this success, Churston is now trialling ten Chromebooks with a view to rolling them out more widely to replace the school’s current laptops when they reach end-of-life.”

IT Network Manager, Churston Ferrers Grammar School is a co-educational Academy School near Brixham, South Devon.

Collaborative tools that spark learning from anywhere, at anytime, any device or any budget.

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  • Instant feedback and tracking improves student performance
  • Frees up time so educators can focus on teaching
  • Machine learning helps to streamline writing and research
  • Work together in real time
  • Teachers, student and classroom collaboration

Impactful intro

“Frees up students to focus on learning”

"A lot of the time you go to an ICT lab and find that it’s all about the technology when it should be about the teaching. Chromebooks take away this barrier, they are just another tool in the pencil case. This means teachers can concentrate on what they do best – teaching.”

Darren Long, Teacher of ICT and ICT coordinator, Gowerton School

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Wheatley school info case study

Check out more case studies on the Google for Education YouTube channel.


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