Your Guide to Classroom Technologies

As the focus on the creation of modern learning environments increases, classroom technology improvements continue to remain at the top of schools’ agendas. To further add to the pressure of an ever increasing focus on ICT in the curriculum, the delivery of learning outcomes through ICT employment now also forms a central criterion for how OFSTED scores your school.

Not sure where or what to look at first?

We realise that things move quickly! So here’s a little guide to help you clearly define a classroom technology plan that incorporates all those key elements required to achieve the ultimate learning experience through informed decision making.

Interactive Displays, White Boards & Projectors

As the main focal point of your classroom, your interactive visuals are crucial for enhanced pupil participation and collaboration during your lesson time.

Some important points of consideration before choosing:

  • The classroom: Size & shape
  • The audience: Height & age of your children
  • Utilization: Intended purposes & level of interactivity required

Learn more about these screens: SMART Audio-visual Solutions for Improving Learning Outcomes

Sound Systems

Make sure all that lesson planning is heard loud and clear! Soundbars or mounted speakers… confused as to what your options are? Some areas to consider first:

  • Size of classroom & ceiling height
  • Age of your children
  • Visual equipment to be used in conjunction with sound system


As a key piece of equipment for demonstration and observation exercises, it is important to consider exactly what you would like to get out of your visualiser and whether further teacher training would prove useful in ensuring you gain maximum benefit from your investment.

Features can include:

  • Zoom lenses
  • Time lapse cameras
  • Scrolling with remote control
  • Image inversions


Another central tool for enhancing classroom collaboration, your tablet will help to determine how your pupils interact in your lessons.

A few areas to contemplate before determining your tablet of choice:

  • How would you like your tablets to be integrated into the school system?
  • What visibility would you like parents to have?
  • Ease of management
  • Desired interaction with visual equipment
  • Quantity per classroom
  • Storage and charging options


Even with the ever-increasing rise of the tablet, laptops remain an important focus area for pupils’ ICT learning.

With such a huge range of laptops available to choose from, we recommend careful consideration of the following before final selection:

  • Build quality
  • What level of indestructability is required?
  • Screen brightness and reflection
  • Quantity of laptops per classroom
  • Storage and charging options

Total Desktop Care

Managed Anti-Virus and automated patch management to ensure timely updates and bug fixes are both crucial pieces of the GDPR Compliance Puzzle, that's why the Sweethaven Education Services Team has now brought out a solution to roll anti-virus, patch management and remote login capabilities all into one.

TDC also enables up to date asset inventories to help you better predict and plan ICT hardware expenditure. This therefore encompasses the following:

  • Fully Managed Anti-Virus: This links to our dashboard, that is monitored daily by our engineers, this ensure that all threats are highlighted and resolved as soon as possible to avoid the risk of an infection.
  • Automated Patch Management: To ensure updates are deployed within fourteen days, as per GDPR guidelines. This will ensure that all windows updates and third party software updates are installed, the patches will ensure that the software is less vulnerable to attacks and software bugs.
  • Direct remote connection: Including screen sharing for remote support on each device. A direct connection to any machine with our agent installed allows a direct connection to the device, so we can screen share to show you how problems are resolved to improve the level of support provided.
  • Up to date asset inventory: This same agent also enables detailed information around specification and age of the devices within your network, to help you to better predict and plan expenditure on aged kit.

Curriculum-Specific Teaching Technology

Different curriculum subjects mean different ICT requirements. From 3D/4D rendering to film and music software, there are a wealth of tailored offerings that can be provided to ensure your classroom ICT technologies optimise learning with your specified subject area.

Digital cameras

You have a camera on your phone, so why do you need a digital camera as well? Ensuring your teachers and pupils aren’t using their personal phones will mean that you have better control over what photos are taken and where they go.

Managed Print

An outsourced and autonomous approach to your school’s printing requirements; Managed Print provides a one-stop shop for everything to do with print that enables you to reduce costs and improve productivity. Both your network and printers are centrally managed to ensure one company, one solution, and no excuses.

Specialist Technologies

An important area to consider to ensure your school meets SENDA requirements. There is a huge range of specialist technologies available to aid learning and achieve social inclusion objectives, from sensory equipment to interactive tables.


Now you have all this lovely new equipment, make sure you make the most of it! Technology specific teacher training sessions are available to help your investment generates the very best results in the classroom.

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For more information on enhancing school ICT infrastructure, check out our infrastructure guide here.

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